Melting Ice with Isaac Brock, Cap'n Jazz and Alaska the Band (demo)

by --aredherring->

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    snatch it while you can, this rough mix will get trashed eventually. DIY everything even if you don't know what your doing and you have no equipment or money. that's punk. life's a garden, so dig it

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recorded live oct 17 2016 at our home in nlv,
mixed by nh
produced by hammardownproduction
track 3\3 from 1-2-fuck you! live demo'17
we got mad shouts outs to isaac brock, none of us would be a doing this if modest mouse had never formed. edit the sad parts is some next tier life changing shit if you haven't heard it. songs got three minutes of well earned silence at the end. and also to alaska, for always shredding harder than fuck, 24\7 with the king of heck. we reference\homage the song 'Far' from their 2013 record "Everything Is Fine" during the bridge. its a fucking marvelous record, go buy it right now. they've got this swanky ass blue 12" vinyl out now on blue swan so id suggest copping it immediately...srsly what are you waiting for, a fuckin' bus? go, now. Have a good nap guys, oh and if you don't like cap'n jazz just gtfo rn. 2017 aredherring coming at you live and raw from our living room\studio. get some,,you wont. wishing you fools would.
but you wont. --arh out


hey, let it break you

i'm standing in grey ice water, i'm staring at a cup.
i've got nothing in my head, i get nothing but shit luck
but i've got something in my heart.
so i got a job to take a trip to the coldest part
i'm dying to forget i'm standing in grey ice water.
no, i'm drowning in it, and i can sink a life.
i cant see the light, the water covers all eyes, not to mention you standing, watching.
delicate, so delicate. to deliberate, deliver me.
i'm drowning in this: i want you, so let it break you.
reap and sow.
'would you want me too?'
let it break you.

"but they are watching me, those same black shadowy figures who followed joel's every move for leverage," all as paranoia takes the best of me.
will i have my day too?
no, but its alright;Everything Is Fine.
don't worry about me ill be just fine getting through the day.
plus Isaac Brock and Alaska are cool.

"don't worry about it guys, its not like you're making any fuckin' money anyway" fucked, its lit.


released February 7, 2017
drums,vocals\jake hammar
bass guitar\kiwi harris
guitars,vocals\nickalas hammar



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--aredherring-> Las Vegas, Nevada

call it target practice

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